You weren’t really sure of how it happened, if you had known this was coming you would have never agreed to tag along, no way. You would have stayed at home like you always did, probably just watching a movie and stuff your face full with junk food, or stay up all night watching youtube videos. Though, when the opportunity came do actually do something on a Saturday night, of no one other than Scott himself, you couldn’t say no. Frankly, those eyes should be banned from usage, those could easily be lethal if the wrong people got ahold of them.

So yeah, here you were in some karaoke in a town you couldn’t remember the name of, and you were about to actually sing. Alone. In front of the entire place. You weren’t drunk enough for this. And why were you doing this, same answer as always. Because you can’t say no to those damn puppy dog eyes. That, and well Stiles had a bet with you, which you refused to loose. So here you were, clutching your mic in your sweaty hand and looked out into the crowd as the music started. Your eyes finally found the group, and you began to sing. 

"I want you to want me." Your voice was a bit rough at first, your anxiety not helping but once you got into it wasn’t that bad. You actually smiled when you finished the last tone, bowing to the clapping audience before you headed back to your both. 

"You were great!" Scott smiled, when you seated yourself next to him. 

"I don’t like to agree with wolf boy, but in this case I do. You’re far superior to the rest of the idiots in this place." 

"Thanks Lyd." You grinned, turning your head to Stiles. 

"I believe you owe me 50." 

"Yeah, yeah…" 

"You guys had a bet?" 

"Yeah, Stiles bet me to go up and sing a song."

"For the guy she’s got a major crush on." 

"STILES!" You hissed, kicking him underneath the table. Or, so you thought. Scott flinched beside you.


"Sorry Scott. I was aiming for my former friend over there." 

"It’s not like it isn’t obvious who it is. Just kiss him already."

"Shut up." 

"Double or nothing." Stiles retorted, raising one eyebrow. He knew you’d never have the guts to do it. Well, if only to prove him wrong. Startling him, you grabbed a hold of Scott’s chin and turned it towards you, placing a soft kiss on his mouth. Or well, that’s what you planned on. What you didn’t consider, was the possibility that when you went to pull away, his hand closed around your neck, pulling you back and suddenly there was fire all over. 

"Hey, get a room you too." Someone yelled and embarrassed, you broke apart, gasping for air."


"Yeah, wow." 

"You wanna go somewhere else? Alone?" He mumbled in a low voice.

"God yes!"

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You were walking home after work, the same path you took everyday, when suddenly you heard a noise coming from beside you that made you stop. The next thing you know, a pair of rough hands grabs a hold of your arms and shoves you up against the brick wall. 

"Scream and I’ll kill you." A deep voice hissed, spinning you around to face him. 

"Please…" You begged, whimpering. Your head told you to run, but you were frozen, absolutely paralyzed with fear and could do nothing but stare at him, tears streaming down your cheeks, as he put a finger over your lips to hush you.

"We’re just going to have some fun you and I." He grinned, a wicked smile before letting one hand go and ran it down your figure, stopping right above the hem of your skirt. Something in you broke.

"Help, anyone, help me-" Your scream was caught of as punched you, knocking you down to the ground gasping. In a daze, you lifted your hand up to touch your busted lip and hissed at the pain. 

"I told you, not to scream" He said in a flat voice, making you lift your head and gaze into the barrel of a gun. 

"Please…" I don’t wanna die

"I’m sorry." You closed your eyes, and the sound of shot firing filled the air. Surprised to not feel any pain, your eyes flew open and you stared at the man who was going to kill you, lying in a pool of blood.

"Miss, are you alright?" Turning your head, you came face to face with a soft looking face of a person crouching next to you. 

"I - I think so. Is he dead?"

"Yes." A wave of relief washed over you. 

"I’m going to need to bring you back to the station to ask you some questions, alright?" 


"Good." He smiled, standing up and reaching out a hand. 

"Here." Thankful, you took it and he helped you up, wrapping an arm around you to keep you upright when your knees buckled. Maybe you were more drained than you thought. After all, you did almost get murdered in an alleyway like some hooker in a crime show. 

"I’ve got you." You walked together in a slow pace, and he helped you in the car, shutting the door behind you. Finally, you started to feel safe again, like it was really over. You arrived shortly and he took your statement. When it was over, he offered to give you a ride home, which you gladly accepted. 

"We’re here." His voice brought you back to reality, realizing you were in fact home. Though, you didn’t like the thought of being alone again.

"Thank you, deputy Parrish. For everything." 

"I told you, please call me Jordan . Are you sure you’ll be fine on your own?" 

"I don’t know."

"Are you hungry? My shift just ended and I was planning on making some dinner, spaghetti or something. I’m not the greatest cook but, if you’re brave enough to try my cooking I’d love to have you." 

"I’d love to." You smiled. 

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This is perfection. 

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Wayward daughter

The past few days had been a blur, all blending together into one and frankly you couldn’t remember most of it. George had worked you to your bones with double shifts and on top of that you had to finish essays and study for finals and take care of Olly, your two month old kitten. In short, you’d been busy, resulting in you only catching a few hours of sleep. Thankfully, your final shift was over soon and you could head home. 

The diner was quiet now, the only people in there was a couple of the regulars, and a group of guys sitting in a booth at the very back. One of them, a blonde, kept looking around now and then, always keeping the exit under observation, taking surveillance. Cop maybe? 

They were talking intensely, close together as you came up with their meal.

"… don’t know that’s her." You cleared your throat, letting them know you were there. 

"One greasy heart attack for you," The guy sitting across from him smiled at the comment. "And a salad." 

"Are you sure I can’t get you anything, sir?" You turned your head to the third one, with dark tousled hear and piercing blue eyes. He seemed a bit, off. 

"Cas doesn’t eat." The freckled one supplied apologetically. 

"Alright. Enjoy then, let me know if you need anything." Smiling, you turned to leave, only to be stopped by a hand on your wrist. 

"Sorry, I actually have a question for you." 


"We have to know Dean." The brunet retread, equally somber. 

"Excuse my brother, he was dropped on his head when he was little. You look familiar, what’s your name?" He smiled softly, showing off dimples.

"Y/N." You replied hesitantly, not sure why. He was a stranger, could be a serial killer for all you knew. But for some reason you felt like you could trust those hazel eyes. 

"Nice to meet you, I’m Sam. The idiot is my brother Dean," He gestured to freckles " and this is our friend Castiel." The third one nodded slightly.

"The angel of Thursday." You mumbled, though he seemed to have heard you, judging by the hint of a smile across his face.

"My family is very religious. All my brothers and sisters have angel names." 

"Oh, how many siblings do you have?"


"That must be nice to have such a big family. I’m an only child but I’ve always wished for a sibling. My dad left before I was even born and my mom hasn’t been able to move on after that. She hardly ever talked about him, and I didn’t want to ask because she got so sad. I only learned his name right before she died."

"My condolences." 

"Thank you." 

"May I ask, what your father’s name is?"

"Was." You corrected without thinking. "He passed a couple of years ago from a heart attack just a couple of days after he’d been in a car crash. John was his name. John Winchester."

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Like only a woman can

You’ve got a secret crush, which you haven’t been hiding that well after all.


"So, Y/N, how long have you been in love with my brother?" Cora asked out of the blue during your girl’s night, which involved watching horror movies and eating your weight in junk food. It was different, but you liked it, just like herself. Or well, you did, until that very moment the subject was brought out, after which you promptly choked on a piece of chicken and started coughing like a maniac. 

"What?" You wheezed when you had managed to get control of yourself, struggling to keep a straight face. Which yeah, may not have been your brightest moment. 

"You heard me." 

"I don’t know what you’re taking about Cor."

"Sure you don’t." She rolled her eyes dramatically. 

"Look, can we just watch the movie? Please?" 

"Alright, I won’t bring it up again." She agreed, though you could hear the silent for now at least

"Thank you." 

The silence lasted for about ten minutes. 

"He likes you back, you know." 


"Bye babe, I gotta go. Stiles’ waiting." Scott gave her a quick peck on the cheek before he walked out the door. It was so sweet and innocent, and you wanted that so badly. 

"Are you alright?" Kira’s question startled you, making you jump before you turned to her. You hadn’t realized it, but you’d been drifting.

"Yeah I’m fine, sorry. What did you say?" 

"I was wondering what you wanted to do, but clearly you’ve got something on your mind. Penny for your thoughts? I’ll get the ice cream." She smiled. 

"I just… it’s nothing. Never mind."

"Hey, come one, you can tell me anything. I can keep a secret."

"I know. It’s just that it’s, I don’t know hard for me to talk about you know. I’m jealous I guess, of you and Scott. What you guys have. I wish I could have that. I want it so bad." 

"You’ll find it, I promise."

"When? Nobody looks at me like that, the way he looks at you. He doesn’t even know I exist." 

"He?" Shit, oh well, the damage was already done.

"Yeah, um this guy I kind of like. But he only thinks of me as a friend."

"But you want more than that." 


"So tell him." 

"It’s not that simple, what if he shuts me down?"

"Then I will kill him. But I know he won’t. Isaac’s had a thing for you a long time." 


"Hey, Y/N, pay attention. You could shoot somebody’s eye out with that thing." Allison reprimanded, breaking you out of your thoughts. 

"Sorry, I was… distracted." 

"I can see that. What’s on your mind red?"

"Nothing, just thinking that’s all. It won’t happen again." You promised, focusing your attention back on the dummy you’ve spent the past hour practicing on, surrounded by a circle of arrows, you had only just started. It was Scott’s idea, or rather your counterargument against his stupid idea that it was to dangerous for you to tag along. You could get hurt. Well guess what Scotty, so could you. Which is why you came up with the idea and begged Allison to train you to become a hunter. 

You shoot another couple of arrows, getting closer, at least you hit the target this time. 

"What am I doing wrong?"

"Nothing, you just need to focus more. Take a deep breath and close your eyes." Allison murmured from beside you. 

"Okay now, picture something that makes you calm, whatever comes to mind." A smiling Scott popped into your head, and you felt your shoulder relax already. 

"Good." She praised. "Now, open your eyes and shoot." You followed the command and gasped as the arrow hit the dummy right in the heart.

"I did it!" 

"I told you, you could do it. It’s just a matter of persuasion. You would kill anyone that would try to hurt Scott." Speechless, you stared at her. How did she know? 

"It’s obvious sweetie. I’ve been there, remember? I’m happy for you. Go get him, because he’s way to scared to make the first move."

"I’ll try." 


"Are you doing Stiles homework again?" Lydia’s voice startled you, making you look up as the strawberry blonde sat down beside you. Her voice was soft as usual, though you could see the annoyance in her eyes. 

"I’m just helping him re-write it. Harris will have his head if he doesn’t hand it in before the end of the day and he’s got practice so…" You shrugged. 

"You must really have it bad." 

"Excuse me?"

"Don’t act dumb, it’s not a good look on you. It’s not something you do for just a friend."

"Sure it is, that’s what friends do Lyds, help each other out." 

"Yeah, and what do you get out of it?"


"So, what you’re saying is you’re doing this for free? Out of the goodness of your heart, and not because you want to bone him?"

"I -" Wow, that was a tough one. Lydia raised one of her perfectly manicured eyebrows.

"Stiles and I are friends. That’s all. And besides, even if I thought that, which I don’t, he doesn’t like me like that."

"Hun, I’m not the one he looks at like I hung the moon." She grinned and took of, leaving you in a daze. 

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Look into my eyes, it’s where my demons hide.

Look into my eyes, it’s where my demons hide.

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This time be different


You’re my best friend and we‘re dancing in a world alone

"Hey, I got your text. What are you doing here?" Scott snuck up from behind you, where you were sitting on his front lawn, hands stuffed in your pockets.

"I needed to get out of the house. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. I just need a break you know?" 

"Okay, I have an idea." 


"Wait and see, I think you’ll like it." The surprise, turned out to be the lacrosse field behind the school. You’d brought some candles and a quilt to sit on. 

"I come here to think sometimes, when I feel like getting away. This is my own place you know." He talked as he got everything set up, and then turned back to you.

"It’s nice." 

"Yeah, I want you to have it too, if you want. We could share it. Whenever you feel like somethings up, or Harris is driving you nuts and you don’t feel like you can talk to anyone, you can come here. The stars are great listeners." He grinned.

"Thank you, Scott." You meant it, more than anything. 

"Anytime. Would you like to dance?" 

"I would." Happily, you took his hand and twirled you around, humming softly. Right now, in this moment, the only thing that was were you to, and the moon shining above.

Finally out of breath, he sat down on the quilt, dragging you down with him and you snuggled up to stay warm. 

"Love you Scotty."

"Love you too angel." 

"We’ll be okay, won’t we?" 

"I’ve got you right? That’s all I need." 

"Always." You smiled, and closed your eyes, falling asleep beneath the stars. The world didn’t seem so scary anymore with him by your side.

Part three of the song preference.

I, II 

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This needs to happen!

This needs to happen!


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Song preference

Hey guys, so I’ve been meaning to finish my song preference I started, I’ve done one for Derek and Isaac already, and I want to do more and that’s why I’m turning to you guys. 

If you have ideas for a song that could be about you and scott or you and stiles ( and of course other characters if you want) please send them my way. 

Thank you and stay awesome!

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Behind these hazel eyes


If there was one thing he had picked up over the years as posing as a bunch of different people, using fake names and generally lie his ass off most of the time cause frankly most people would probably want to throw him into a mental hospital if he actually told them the truth;

Oh yeah, me and my brother hunt monsters. You know, wendigos, werewolves, sirens… hey what are you doing with that jacket?!

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen, again. But all these years of pretending, taught him to be a a great actor. Fuck, he had lived through hell, good times being tortured and all, and he had more baggage than anyone could even begin to deal with. So, he didn’t, he pushed it into the back of his mind, ignoring it and busied himself with tracking down whatever son of a bitch had managed to crawl its way from the deep corners of hell. 

He couldn’t, wouldn’t, let anyone see the shit storm going around in his head. Not even Sammy, especially not him. He would want to talk about it, the girl he is, and if there is one thing Dean hates more than feelings, it’s talking about them. His life isn’t a friggin’ chick flick. He was a man of action, not words. 

And yeah, maybe he drank a bit much, maybe he worked to hard, but god dammit that was all he could do, the only way to deal with it. Fuck, how he wish he couldn’t feel a damn thing. It would be thousand times easier. He’d rather take numbness, never feeling anything again, than this shit. 

But of course, life doesn’t work that way. Especially not his, he is a Winchester after all. Which most of the time feels like a curse. So he takes a deep breath, picks up his gun and head out to face the demons of the world because he’s not strong enough to face his own, hiding behind these hazel eyes of his. 

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Everybody has a dark side, well this is mine. 

Everybody has a dark side, well this is mine. 

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Don’t speak

Don’t speak

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Literally how I react,

I love the guy and all but damn he can be slow sometimes. 

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Imagines & Preferences

Hi guys, I’ve been writing for Teen Wolf for a while, though I decided that I wanted to challenge myself a bit and take up another fandom, and what better than the very first one I ended up in, Supernatural.

So if you have requests for an imagine or preference, or just an idea for one you think I should write, send them to my ask box and I’ll get too them as soon as I can. Also, if you could write your name as well that’d be great, so I can keep track of which story belongs to whom. 

In the meantime, you can check out the stuff I’ve been writing for Teen Wolf to get an idea of what style have etc. 


Stay awesome! 

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Reasons why we love Stiles
#32 He always know what to say, and isn’t afraid to say it.

Reasons why we love Stiles

#32 He always know what to say, and isn’t afraid to say it.

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