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A sweet brotherly video with our favorite brothers Sam and Dean.  

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Hello there…

Hello there…

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It’s all about chemistry

"Harris is evil. No, actually, he’s the source of all evil. Yeah, like totally the Darth Vader of teachers. More metal than human." Stiles eagerly retold the last chemistry lesson over the lunch table to the rest of the lucky part of the pack who were spared the lesson. You weren’t really paying attention, already having had the pleasure of being their in person to witness the disaster firsthand. And the fact that you had managed to score a D on your latest assignment really bummed you out. A shoulder bumping into yours snapped you out of your inner melt down and your vision were filled with blue. 

"Hey, are you okay y/n?" Isaac whispered, not wanting to interrupt Stiles epic story (or what he called it anyway). 

"Yeah, just thinking about stuff. I think I need to get a tutor or something for chemistry, I scored a D again. I have to get better and raise my grade." 

"I can help you."

"What, really? Thank’s Zac, you’re my savior, literally. Meet me at the library after school?" 

"I’ll see you then." 

The rest of the school day passed rather quickly, and it wasn’t that long until you found yourself seated at a table with the chemistry book popped open waiting for Isaac to show up. You figured it was a good idea to start without him, and went ahead with the questions for the next quiz coming up. You were getting frustrated with one of the answers, unable to add up the formula, when a large, warm hand placed itself over yours and a firm chest pressed up against your back. 

"Your thinking is right, but you forget to use it all. Don’t make it more complicated than what it is." He spoke inches from your ear, using your hand to write up the correct formula. Though you couldn’t really focus on anything else but the fact that he was so close to you. 

"Eh, thanks." Turning your head slightly to look him in the eye, your noses brushed against each other. One second you were staring into the deep pools of ocean, the next a pair of soft lips were pressed against yours. 

"Do you get it now?" He breathed, his voice dangerously low.

"Yeah, I think so. I might have to try it again though just to make sure." Grinning, he eagerly obliged, attacking your lips once more. And suddenly chemistry made so much more sense.

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Hopefully, I’ll never stop liking you.
— Derek to Paige, 3x8 Visionary
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I don’t get it… I don’t get anything. Can somebody please tell me what’s been going on in season 3? Haven’t been able to watch the show with danish subtitles, so some of it I don’t get or don’t understand! Like, what’s the most important things so far? I’m so confused and I am sorry :-P but I need to know what’s going on!! Just the important parts to really get what’s going on! Would really appreciate it :)

Well, short-cliff version; Alpha pack came, there’s something sacrificing a bunch of people, Scott have the possibility to become a true alpha, there’s something going on with Lydia (possible she’s more than human), and you know… a lot of dying and pain and hurt in general. Especially for Derek.  Oh, and Stiles may or may not be losing his virginity this season… so yeah I think that was pretty much it. Hope you can follow my rant… hah=) 

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I’ll remember

The pack were gathered around the black coffin, or what was left of it. They had now lost two of their members, their friends. You were there as well, saying your final goodbye to Boyd. He was a great friend. You all took a turn speaking, Isaac was the first one to go.

"You were a great person, a great brother. I’m sorry it took so long for us to get along." He let a handful of dirt fall upon the sunk down chest.

"We met under horrible circumstances, but I’m glad that I didn’t have to go trough it alone. Rest in peace." Cora spoke softly. 

"You were never invisible Boyd, you’re pack and you always will be."

"I’m gonna miss you big guy, take care of cat woman okay? She’s gonna need you to keep her out of trouble." Stiles smiled sadly, and gently bumped your shoulder, signaling your turn.

"You had such a big heart, and you cared about people. You’re the kindest soul I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet." A tear escaped your eye, unable to keep it in. It wasn’t fair, any of it. 

"You were loyal, and trustworthy. I was honored to have you in my pack. Thank you, I never said it enough, but thanks. You were gone way to soon, but you rest now okay? You’ve earned some peace and quiet."

Derek’s voice was low and tinted with sorrow. With a nod, you all took up a shovel and buried him. Neither of you spoke during the process, everyone caught up in their own head as you worked. When you finished, you all took a few more minutes to look at the grave, and the big headstone at the top of it, right next to his mate’s grave.  Boyd, you will never be forgotten.

Note; I needed to write something after what happened, rip Boyd. 

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Bite me back to life - II


The first thing that caught your attention when you awoke, was the presence of someone beside you holding your hand in a firm grip. It was familiar, engulfing yours and sending waves of warmth and comfort. Derek. You felt your breath hitch as his name popped into your groggy mind, the sound ringing in your ear. Paying attention, you could hear your heartbeat, Derek’s heart, the sound of his chest rising and falling, someone walking, loud voices arguing about something… everything. Confusion clouded your head for a moment, until the memory came back crashing down on you like a tsunami wave. Alpha, blood, Derek’, sharp teeth on neck. The realization made you bolt up on the bed, eyes wide open. 

"Werewolf." Your voice was barley audible. "I’m a werewolf." You repeated, trying to take in the fact of the situation. You didn’t die, you turned into a werewolf. Thoughts were buzzing in your head like a swarm of bees, all trying to be there at once. Mixed feelings of terror and happiness and about fifty other different ones washed over you. Suddenly your eyes started to blur and it got harder to breathe. You could hear your heart beat going faster, almost as if it was about to jump out of your chest. Then arms wrapped around you, stroking your back and a pair of hazel eyes snapped into vision. 

"Hey, calm down. I need you to breathe with me sweetie, okay? Breathe. In and out." He continued to instruct you, holding your left hand right over his heart, making you feel it as well. A few minutes later you managed to get back into control and leaned forward, your foreheads touching.

"I’m sorry. I just…"

"It’s okay, I know that this is a lot to take in. I will be here though, we all will. I won’t let you hurt anyone, I promise. Okay? Just stay right here with me, be my mate and we’ll deal with everything as it comes. Okay?"

"Okay. I love you so much Der."

"I love you too Y/n. Always."

"And forever." It wouldn’t be easy, but you weren’t alone.

AN: Alright, here’s the continuation of BMBTL that many of you requested, I wasn’t originally planning on adding more to it but your wish is my command. Enjoy!

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Song ideas?

Hi, so I have an idea for a new preference, but I need your help with deciding on good songs for each of the guys, Derek,Isaac,Scott&Stiles. If you know anyone who would be awesome, please do share! Just leave it in my ask box and I’ll get to them. Thanks!

Ps. I’m also working on part two of bring me back to life right now and it will hopefully be posted either tonight or tomorrow. Also some imagines for the boys and one very special preference homage to Boyd, which I obviously had to write because I need to process it somehow. 

Stay awesome! 

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"Okay, that’s it! I wont keep on watching you dance around each other anymore, it’s driving me nuts!" Stiles abruptly yelled and stomped out of Scott’s room. Stunned, you turned to Scott who wore a puzzled expression, like a lost little puppy. How your study date had escalated to this, was something you couldn’t wrap your head around just yet.

"What was that?" You finally broke the eire silence. 

"I don’t know. You know how Stiles is." He shrugged, and returned his gaze back to the math homework. He was acting really strange, like he was deliberately trying to avoid to answer. Like he was hiding something.

"He was stranger than usual." 

"It’s hard you know, with the Alpha pack and stuff. It affects everyone." He was lying, there was this little tell you learned after all this time of knowing him. 

"Right. And there’s nothing that you want to tell me? Like, nothing at all?"

"Like what?"

"Like why you wont look me in the eye. Or why you keep dodging my question. Or why you lied just now." Finally, his head snapped up.

"I -" Sighing, you shook your head.

"No, don’t. Don’t tell me another lie. If you don’t trust me enough by now to be honest with me, then fine. Whatever. But don’t lie, you know that there is nothing worse to me than people who lie. I thought we were friends, you can tell me anything. Maybe I was wrong though. I should go." You rose hastily, feeling tears forming in your eyes. The fact that you were hopelessly in love with the wolfish boy with the adorable smile was something you accepted a while ago, and just being friends was fine with you. Whatever you could get. Which is why it hurt so badly, the fact that he didn’t even want to be your friend. 

"Wait, don’t go. I’m sorry, okay. I’m sorry." A hand was placed on your shoulder, spinning you around so you were face to face. 

"You don’t need to do that Scott, it’s fine."

"Do what Iz?"

"Pretend to care. Really, you don’t." 

"Hold on, you really think I would pretend to care about you? I would never…" Shit, he was really hurt. And you were the one doing it. 

"Scott -" A pair of fingers against your mouth efficiently shut you up.

"No. You had your turn, it’s my turn to talk. Isobel, there is not a minute in the day where I don’t think about you. You’re the first one I call when I need someone to talk to, the one I can rely on, the one who can make me feel good without even trying. Whenever I’m around you, I can’t stop smiling. You’re right, I don’t want to be you’re friend, I want so much more than that. I want you.” Proving his point, he crushed his firm lips against yours in a kiss that made you weak in the knees. You really owed Stiles a big thanks.

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Bite me back to life


You always knew somewhere deep down, that this was inevitable. There would come a day when you simply ran out of luck and something would finally get you, badly. That was just how it was, one thing you were certain of was a probability, when you fell in love with a werewolf. Still, it didn’t change the fact how it sucked, and how unprepared you truly were for this. How do you even prepare for something like this? To slowly bleed out on the forest floor with the pack around you. And Derek, holding you up against his firm chest. Warm, so warm. You were getting colder. 

"It’s going to be fine, just hang on. We’ll get you to the hospital and they’ll patch you up. Just don’t close your eyes okay. Stay with me." Derek’s face came into vision, his beautiful hazel eyes filled with worry. 

"No…blood." It almost impossible to speak, your voice was barley audible. “Not enough time.” You knew there would be no chance of you surviving this. You realized it as soon as the alpha struck his claw into you that it was too much, a deadly blow. 

"I’m not letting you go. You promised, remember? You promised you wouldn’t leave." A silent tear fell from his eye.

"Not letting go." Right then, watching him fall apart over you, you decided that you had to do whatever to stay alive. For him, you’d do just about anything. You wouldn’t be yet another one who left him.

"Derek." You tilted your head slightly, showing off your neck. "Bite…me." 

"Y/N…" He inched closer. "Are you sure?" A nod was all that you could muster, and it was all that it took for him to decide. He placed a soft kiss on your lips, before pressing them open against your neck, his fangs scraping against your skin. Then there was pain, so much pain. It was excruciating  and then you felt yourself drift from consciousness

What happens next, is up to you. 


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I love (even the worst thing about) you

Derek: The first thing you found out quite early in your relationship, is that he’s kind of possessive. Scratch that, he’s crazy possessive when it comes to you. He doesn’t like being able to smell anyone else on you, besides him that is, and spends hours scenting you when you come home. Though it can become annoying at times, and sometimes he steps way out of line when he’s trying to keep you from seeing people, but you love him non the less. You know how bad he’s been hurt before, how scared he is to loose you and be alone again. And well, the scenting part isn’t to bad to endure really. 

Isaac: He has this habit, of totally closing in on himself sometimes. And you really hate that, that he still has things that he can’t bring himself to say to you. It really sucks, but you understand it. After all that his father had put him trough, him having trouble to let people in wasn’t so hard to get. It just kills you the fact that he can’t. But, if you just give him enough time he’ll warm up eventually. And you’ll be there to hear him out.

Scott: If there was one thing, that really frustrated you about Scott, it’s the fact that he constantly forgets things. He has got the memory sometimes of a goldfish. And it’s everything from between forgetting about tests, to pick up groceries for his mom when she works late. But still, he never forgets anything that has to do with you, not a single meeting, date, anything at all. Which kind of makes up for it sometimes, because you’d never give it up. And you’ll be there to help him remember. 

Stiles: He was the perfect boyfriend in as many ways possible, he truly was. But still, there was a thing that really got under your skin; he’s habit of constantly putting himself in danger. Now really, you admired the fact that he was helping out his friends in the pack in every way he could with research and what not. But still, he was fragile, human. He could get killed. And somehow he always manage to find himself in the middle of the danger zone, and it scares you senseless that someday he wont be so lucky. At the same time, you were proud of him for being able to handle it all. He’s your hero. Because even the worst things he can come up with, will never change the way you feel about him. 

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"Hey, do you need some help with that?" A voice spoke from beside you. Turning your head, you saw a skinny teen with a buzz cut and doe eyes. He was kind of cute actually. 

"Sure, thanks." 

"No problem." He grabbed the two top boxes from your hands, brushing your hand in the process and followed you into the house and put them down with the others. With him helping, it only took four more rounds before the car was empty. 

"There, that’s the last one." He sighed exhaustedly. 

"Thank you again…"

"Stiles, I live next door. The one with the cop car."

"Hello Stiles, I’m Allison." 

"Allison." He repeated, looking like he enjoyed some inner joke you didn’t get. "Oh right, I’m making tacos tonight. It’s my speciality." 

"Okay." You didn’t get where exactly he was going with this.

"You should come over and eat. I just figured you know… with all the unpacking and stuff…" He rubbed his head, looking a bit sheepish. 

"I would love to." 

"Great. Ah, dinner’s at seven. I’ll leave you to do some unpacking then. Later allie-gator." He waved and walked out the door.

"In a while croco-stiles." You called after him, to amuse him. The smile stayed on your lips all night. 

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You weren’t sure when it happened exactly, but somewhere along the line of training with the pack, and bickering, you had managed to land a massive crush on the curly haired boy. Though you were pretty positive that he remained clueless, which unfortunately wasn’t the case for most of the pack. They weren’t shy about handing out witty remarks about you two, which only made Isaac smile and shake his head. And today was nothing different. You were training one on one, and he had managed to pin you down once more, straddling your waist and keeping your hands above your head. You felt your heart quicken as you met his gaze, his body pressing down on you, and his faces close enough to touch. 

"Oh, just kiss already, the sexual tension around you two is killing me!" Erica shouted, snapping you out of whatever strange moment you were having. 

"Alright." To your surprise, he actually leaned down the rest of the way and kissed you briefly, before pulling back grinning.

"What-" Still a bit lightheaded, you tried to find the words. “What was that?" 

"I kissed you." He replied bluntly, quirking an eye brow, a habit he no doubt picked up from Derek. “To finally shut her up." You felt your heart drop as the words left his mouth, and you scrambled out of his grip and rose to your feet. 

"Nice job. I’m done for today though, I gotta make diner tonight." Without waiting for a response, you hurried out the door and down the stairs, feeling your eyes sting. Of course he didn’t mean nothing by it. You were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t realize you had stopped, letting your tears fall. Then a hand touched your shoulder and spun you around, leaving you eye to eye with Isaac.

"Wait, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. It came out all wrong. Please don’t cry, I’m an idiot." He reached out a hand, and brushed a way a tear, leaving his hand cupping your cheek. “I wanted to kiss you, I’ve wanted to kiss you for weeks. I didn’t know how you felt though, not until today."

"You…idiot." You huffed, smiling a bit. “I know." He agreed. “Will you forgive me though? I’d hate for you to be mad at me."

"I could never be mad at you Zac. And yes, I do. Now, shut up and kiss me you big idiot." Laughing, he pulled you in and obeyed your wishes.

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