Things I’ve learned

There is no way of avoiding not getting influenced by the people you hang out with, picking up a thing here and there. And you, were no exception. Of course, you spent most of your free time with the strangest group of people, who didn’t really have to much in common, besides running from things that want to kill them and belonging to the same pack. Nevertheless, you loved each and every one of them, they were like family. Well, maybe besides Peter. He mostly creeped you out. But every family has a creepy uncle, hasn’t it? 

It’s not about being related by blood, family is connected by love. They always got your back, push you to become the best you can be and support you when you need them the most. You’ve learned a lot from them over the time since you joined the pack. 

Allison was the prime example of an independent woman. But more than that, she was a warrior. Never mind the fact that she didn’t have any extra powers like the others, she never let herself look like she was weak. 

From Derek, funny enough you learned control. Lashing out whenever you got agitated never got you anywhere. Focus your energy to one aspect. 

Cora always walked around with this “I don’t give a damn what you think about me" attitude, and you loved that about her. It was something you were still struggling with, not to let the opinions of others affect you. 

From Isaac you learned strength. You had never met a stronger person, who suffered through all that and still came out on top. Mental strength is always more important to possess than physical. To not let anything, or anyone mess you up. 

"Sometimes, if you want something, you simply have to go take it" Erica winked, glancing over to her mate. “They might need a little push.”

Liam , the newest addition, taught you that it’s okay to be afraid. There is no one who doesn’t ever feel scared. But also not to let it take over your life. “Because you wouldn’t truly be living.” 

"You don’t have to be a stereotype, to fit in to any box people have." Lydia told you once. The strawberry blonde queen bee, who was one of the most popular girls, but was anything but stereotypical. She wasn’t afraid of showing of her epic intelligence, which went over most peoples heads. 

Boyd was one of the most quiet people you’ve met, with the exception of Derek. But also the calmest. Whenever things got a bit much, he was there to calm it down, and you truly admired that about him. 

Kira always seemed to have a smile on her face. And she had this ability, to she the positive side of things, no matter how bad things got. 

If you were asked to describe the young alpha with a crooked jaw, caring would be the it. There are few people as compassionate as Scott, even when it comes to his enemies. He’s determined to save everyone.

You always admired how well Malia seemed to have adjusted to being a human again. In fact, it was one of her things to always be able to adopt to any situation she was thrust into. That, and having no filter either, just saying whatever came to mind. A habit you desperately try to break. 

Stiles, aka the glue that keeps everyone together. He was the person you first met, who took a like to you and introduced you to this craziness. That sarcastic, warm hearted, spastic boy with doe eyes… who could not help but to love him? He was always the first one to lighten up the mood with a joke, rushing into dangerous situations without a thought about protecting himself. The things you learned from him were many, to many to count. But one more than anything, is you learned just how much you could love someone, and they love you back.

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When I get you alone

You first noticed that something was going on one afternoon hanging out at Derek’s loft. You were having a pack night like always. Though halfway through, everyone excused themselves, leaving you and the newest beta alone.

"Do you know what’s going on? " He asked puzzled.

"No idea." You shrugged your shoulders. "They’re missing out. Hey, I challenge you on a video game duel, loser has to order pizza and pay for it." You grinned, grabbing the control. Game on.

You didn’t think to much about it, but then it kept on happening. Hanging out with the gang somehow turned into double-dates, with the addition of you and Liam as two awkward wheels. Lot’s of last minutes cancellations. We made plans a while ago, sorry. I gotta take care of dad. I’m grounded. Not that you minded hanging out with the freshman, contrary he was a lot of fun to be around. He was the only one who acted normal.

It wasn’t until one night, when you were talking to Stiles you finally got it.

"So, how’s it going with Liam? You’ve been spending a lot of time together lately."

"Yeah, I guess. You guys always seem to be busy."

"Do you like him? He seems like a great person, you know now that he’s got the whole wolf-thing under control." He blatantly ignored your remark. It was getting a bit uncomfortable, so you did what you usually did, something you’d picked up from him, you lightened the mood with a joke.

"Why Stiles, if you really feel like this, you should go ask him out."

"Already got a partner, who’s wild in.." 

"Okay no, way to much tmi. I do not want to hear about your wooing adventures thanks."

"Promise, if you answer this question honestly. Do you like him?"

"Sure, he’s nice."

"I mean, do you like like him?" What?

"What? No I… We’re friends. That’s it."

"Hm, too bad. You’d look cute together." He shrugged, turning his gaze back to the movie, missing your shocked face. How were you supposed to react to that? Though looking back, the strangeness that seemed to have infected everyone, made some more sense now. Every one seemed to have had the same idea, except you. They’ve been setting you up all this time.

This time, when you were left alone together at the cinema, you were totally aware of what was going on, which made you anxious. Suddenly it didn’t seem as easy anymore. There was this pressure that wasn’t there before. And he noticed it right away.

"Hey, are you okay? Maybe I should take you home, we can go another time when they’re able to."

"Okay." You nodded, licking your lips and met blue. He had a strange look on your face, seeming to contemplate something. Suddenly you couldn’t keep it together any longer.

"They’ve been setting us up." You blurted.

"I know."

"What? You knew all this time?"

"No, I mean yes, I mean…" He was flustered. "It was Scott’s idea to have us hang out together, you know, alone because…"

"Because what?" In that moment, your heart started to beat faster, as he took a step closer, his face inches away.

"Because I…" He sighed. "I wanted to get to know you, that’s all." He turned his head.

"Oh." You didn’t know why, but his answer disappointed you. Perhaps because you wanted something more. He noticed it too.

"Oh fuck it." He muttered under his breath, before crashing his lips onto yours. Overwhelmed , you gripped onto his arm not to lose your balance. I shouldn’t. You’ve been denying it all along, a part of you wouldn’t admit it. But the truth was, you didn’t just see him as the handsome new member of the pack. You never did. 

"Wow." You breathed as you broke apart.

"I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…" He started to back away, but you only tightened the grip and placed a hand in his hair, pulling him closer.

"You should be. I didn’t say you could stop." You mumbled in a low voice, closing the distance between you and once more you were engulfed in fire, strong arms wrapped around you, and you couldn’t think of any other place you’d rather be then right there, in his arms.

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Left for dead

Come on, greenie! We’re almost there!” Thomas shouted, egging you on as you ran quicker than you have ever done before in your life. This was different though, it was life or death. 

"I’m trying." You yelled back, focusing on trying to breathe through the pain in your abdomen, stumbling a little as you rounded a corner, much to close to the sharp edges that brushed against your sore side. 

Shit. You panted as you ran towards the door, Thomas a couple feet ahead. You had been out in the maze as per usual, when your watch stopped working, losing track of the time. Which is why you were sprinting like maniacs to make it out on time. You didn’t even want to think about what would happen if you didn’t. 

Someone was going down for this. The equipment was supposed to be checked over every time before a run. Being stuck with something that’s faulty, could get you killed. 

Breathing a sigh of relief, you rounded the last corner, before spotting the other Gladers in the opening shouting at you. Almost there. You started to relax, thinking you’d make it, which was the stupidest thing you could have done.

Snap, was all you heard, before you felt something break and you lost your footing and hit the hard ground. 

"Ouff." You moaned, trying to get back on your feet. Though as soon as you put weight on your right leg, it buckled and you yelled out in pain, the scream echoing throughout the maze. 

Looking up, you watched in devastation as the doors slowly came together, and the terrified expressions of your fellow shanks that were stuck in this place as well. You wanted to tell them something, but what? They knew it, you knew it, you were screwed. The one rule you’ve had to print in your head since the day you arrived here.

"Only the runners are allowed in the maze. They go in as soon as the doors open, and come back before the doors closes." Newt spoke in a serious voice.

"What happens if they don’t?" You asked, despite yourself.

"Then they don’t bloody come back! No one who’s got stuck in the maze after dark has ever returned again.." 


"Promise me greenie, that you won’t. Bloody promise me." The second in command had an expression on his face you’d never seen before. 

"I promise, I promise." You gulped. 

And now here you were, breaking that very promise. The next one to be never heard from ever again. Tears streaming down your face, you forced yourself to look at them, mouthing “I’m sorry”, before turning your head. Unable to watch any longer. It was pure torture. 

You heard Newt’s voice overpowering everyone, a loud cry that shook you, right before the doors closed. After which promptly, you fell apart. Curling up on the ground right where you were, not able to get back up, just waiting there to die. I didn’t even have the chance to tell him.

You couldn’t focus on anything but your shaky breathing, attempting to get yourself back under control. Then you heard it, a low thud that was amplified by the surrounding silence. It confused you at first, then you realized what it was. Footsteps, moving swiftly forward. Towards you.

Something was coming. And it was moving at a rapid speed. 

AN/ What happens next is up to you. 

Update; This is the first part of the imagine, Part II

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It’s my birthday! And what better present than the season 10 premiere?

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A thousand reasons why

"Hey Maddie, you in there?" Stiles banged on the door.

"Dude, take it easy." Scott said worriedly. 

"Relax, is not like I’m going to break it down with my wolf powers or anything." He rolled his eyes, and knocked again.

"Do you want me to do it?" Liam cut in, having just arrived. 

"Do what?" Isaac entered, followed by the surly wolf.

"What are you doing out here?" He growled impatiently.

"She’s not answering the door. Do you think she forgot?" 

"She doesn’t forget anything." Brett spoke up, crossing his arms.

"Oh, and you know everything about her now?" Stiles spun around, staring at him.  "I met her first, I’ve known her longer than anyone. You don’t need to tell me about her, got it wolfy?" He poked in him the chest. 

"Cut it out you two." Lydia’s voice broke off what could have turned into Stiles getting his ass kicked by the not so stable beta. "She’s here, alright?"

"How do you know that?"

"Her car is out front." Deputy Parrish stated, being the last to arrive.

"Wow, great detective work, nothing gets past you, does it?" The sarcastic smart Alec was back. 

"Why don’t we just go inside, okay?" Liam said anxiously,  not liking the vibe going on.

"Do you want to be responsible for breaking her door? Who knows what awful things she might decide to do to you." 

"I’ll take my chances." Derek cocked one eyebrow, and promptly lifted the door of the hinges. The sound echoed through the silent hallway, and the apartment inside, startling the person asleep on the sofa who shot straight up.

"Derek." She spoke, with murder in her eyes.

"You are so dead." Stiles grinned.

"Hi, this is Derek Hale. As a thank you for supporting the amazing author, all 1000 of you, she want’s to give you something back -" Do I really have to say this? Yes. He sighed, plastering on a smile and looked into the camera.

"Me. I’m Derek, and I want to be your love slave. I’m a born werewolf, so I can protect you better than any other person. I have a hard time communicating with words, I’m more into the belief that actions speak louder than words. I enjoy running in the woods, especially during full moons, working out and my favorite food is blueberry pancakes. I’m looking for someone who can over look my lack of social skills and my possessiveness. Someone who’s not only into good looks, or out to manipulate for their own gain. My dream mate?" He paused, shaking his head, a hint of red spreading on his cheeks. 

"Is someone who cares about others, have a great sense of humor, someone who can challenge me and who can balance me out, we can balance each other out." 

"Honestly, I’m just looking for well, you." 


AN. Omg, I can’t believe it, I’m in shock right now. 1000 followers?! Thank you sooo much for all of your support, liking my imagines and preferences and everything you do. This one is for you.

Ps. I’m working on more stuff coming your way, both preferences and imagines. First off, for being as amazing as you are, I wanna write 10 imagines, with ten different characters. So if there is a character you have thought about wanting to do something with, here’s your chance. First arrived, first served. 

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"Run Thomas, we’re going to get trapped." 

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Your wish is my command

I just wanted to let you know that my ask box is open, so if you have an imagine/preference you’d like to see, send them my way!

Just be sure to write a name, and who you’d like to have the imagine/preference with. If you have an idea for a plot, that’d be even better. 

I’ll do my best to write is as good and quickly as I can. 

Stay awesome! 

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If ANYONE has pictures of Thomas Brodie Sangster smoking please announce yourself xx

Hiya, don’t know if you found it yet, but he was in a music video by the Luka State called “30 minute break” where he smokes.

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Awesome Newt being his sarcastic self. 

Awesome Newt being his sarcastic self. 

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Well she was just seventeen

"One second." You excused yourself from your study group with Kira and Malia, as you saw your phone started ringing. 

"Yeah?" You answered without checking the caller id.

"What have I told you about manners?" 

"Sorry dad. I’m kind of busy right now, what’s up?"

"I forgot my dinner at home and since I’m working a double shift…"

"I’ll be there in a second. Don’t you even dare." 

"Good." You could practically see the grin on his face. Saying your goodbyes, you hung up and returned back to the table. 

"Sorry guys, I gotta go. My dad needs me. Life or death, you know."

"He’s threatening you with fast food isn’t he.” Kira smiled.

"Got it. See you, don’t forget to give me the notes. Next time." 

Precisely 15 minutes later, you were at the police station with the lasagna you had made the night before in your hand and headed to the office door and knocked lightly, before opening it only to stop short in your tracks. It was not the sherif sitting in the chair, but a young looking guy. He looked up as you walked in, equally surprised to see you.

"Uhm, I was just looking for Sheriff Stilinski."  You broke the silence. 

"Oh, he’s out on a call. I’m deputy Parrish. Is there anything I could help you with?" 

"Nope, just bringing him his lunch." 

"I see. He should be back any minute now. You can wait if you want." He offered, seeming unsure of what to do.

"I think I will." You agreed, and plopped down on the sofa and started playing with your phone. The silence was back again, except for the clicking of his pen as he wrote. Discreetly, you would occasionally glance his way, where he was sitting bent over, with a concentrated look on his face. He suited the uniform really well. And you could have sworn, that he was doing the exact same thing.

"Hey, sweetheart. Sorry to keep you waiting." He greeted, breaking you out of your thoughts and you stood up.

"It’s cool. Deputy Parrish kept me company." 

"Good. Jordan, I’d like you to meet my daughter."

"Daughter?" He cleared his throat. "Nice to meet you, I gotta go. Paperwork you know." He excused himself. 

"So, dad, ready to eat?" You presented the lasagna.

"Yes." He nodded, glancing out the door, before you sat down and ate together, talking like usual. When you left, you overheard Parrish muttering to himself by the coffee machine

Sherriff’s daughter, jailbait…” 

"Bye deputy." You called, startling him.

"Oh, bye."

"I’ll see you soon." You grinned, throwing him a wink before walking of leaving him with a shocked look on his face. 

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Lost and insecure you found me

It was dark, was the first thing you recognized when you awoke. And you were lying on something cold, metal? Confused, you started to get up on your feet, only to loose your balance and fall against something hard. That was the second thing that tipped you off something wasn’t right, wherever you were, was moving. Fast. Too fast for you to keep your balance in your dazed state. 

Then suddenly, the roof parted and there was light, much too bright for your eyes, blinding you. Letting out a sigh, you turned your head down to escape it’s merciless rays. Then you heard the voices.

"It’s a bloody girl." "No way." "Is she pretty?"

Male voices piped up, one after another. Ten, fifteen, twenty. You lost track. And they scared the crap out of you. Curling up, you made yourself as little as possible, praying they would leave you alone. Shaking, you tried to calm yourself down, and breathe.

"Slim it you shanks! Can’t you see she’s terrified. Back off, go back to work."

"But -" 

"You heard him. Back to work. There’s plenty to do for tonight." Barley paying attention, you heard their footsteps getting further and further away, and you breathed out. 

"Hi, sorry about that. You alright?" A soft voice broke trough your thoughts, startling you enough to lift your head. A boy with blonde hair was looking down on you, a small smile on his face. The sun cast a halo around his looks. 

"I don’t know." You said confused. "Where am I? What happened?"

"All in good time. Do you remember anything?"

"No… I can’t…" Your voice faltered, as you tried and found nothing before waking up in the lift. Not even your own name. 

"It’s fine, it will get back to you soon. Don’t worry, I promise." He reached down a hand, which you hesitantly took. Grinning, he pulled you up next to him. 

"Wow." You stared, taking in your surroundings. "What is this place?"

"We call it the Glade. I will give you the grand tour tomorrow, we’re kind off on a tight schedule right now." 

"Okay." You nodded. "What’s your name?" 

"Sorry, were are my manners?" He shook his head, holding out his hand.

"I’m Newt, second in command. Welcome to the Glade, greenie." 

AN/ This is my first Maze runner imagine, I hope you like it!

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